8 advantages of Magni telehandlers

How a telehandler beats other lifting machines!

If you’ve been on this site for more than a minute you’ll know that we talk a lot about telehandlers and mobile cranes. So what are these machines, and why are they so awesome?

Firstly, a telehandler is really a specialised mobile crane consisting of a telescopic boom mounted on a self-propelled chassis. It’s bigger than a traditional cherrypicker, but generally smaller than a truck-mounted telescopic crane. Telehandlers combine the best of small-machine maneuverability with big-machine power and reach. Here are 8 reasons why we love working with them:

1. On-road and off-road capability

Telehandlers have 4-wheel drive capability, allowing them to be driven to their place of work. They can cover very rough and uneven terrain, something smaller or bigger machines simply can’t. This is very useful in building sites, in agriculture or even in mines.

2. Carry more weight than cherry pickers

Our current mobile crane telehandlers can lift up to 5 tons, but there are new telehandlers on the market that are approaching 40 tons. This is way more capacity than cherrypickers and similar machines.

3. Rotates on its base

Rotating telehandlers like our Magni RTH 5.30 can rotate around their chassis, meaning that the vehicle can be stationary on its outriggers while the top half with the crane rotates 360 degrees. This gives huge advantages in terms of flexibility and accessibility.

Radio-controlled Magni rth 5.30 operated from personnel cage.

Radio-controlled operation of a Magni telehandler from the personnel cage.

4. Radio controlled

Modern telehandlers can actually be operated from outside the cab using a radio-control device. For instance, the operator can get into a personnel cage at the end of the boom and lift himself up to the required position. This is perfect for when very fine positioning is required, such as when working under a bridge or where the end of the boom can’t be seen from the cab.

5. Computerised load calculations

Because telehandlers are so mobile, they can become unstable if their load is to heavy for their reach. Luckily, our telehandlers have onboard computers that work out exactly how much can be carried at different angles and boom extensions.

6. Takes up less space than truck-mounted cranes

If a larger, truck-mounted crane is sent into a street to do a lamppost repair or lift something onto a building, the whole road has to be blocked off. But a telehandler takes up much less space and gets the job done with minimal disruption. See our story on this.

7. Widest range of standard attachments

Telehandlers get their versatility from the broad range of attachments that fit onto the ends of their booms. You get standard attachments such as forklifts and jibs, and a limitless range of custom attachments built for specific purposes. (PS… we also specialise in custom attachment design and manufacture.)

8. And lastly – they are just so cool!

Yes, we have to say it, our Magni telehandlers look way cooler than most other machines out there. Makes you want to go out and buy one to drive around in – the ultimate sandpit toy!

So if you’ve got a job for our telehandlers and want to check out all these advantages for real, give us a call and let’s get the work done!

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