Manitou telehandlers offloading a truck - Liftup teleporter

Handle with care - mobile cranes do some fine manoeuvring

This job really tested our ability to operate with extremely…
Telehandler setting up tent for madame zingara in Cape Town

Pitching a tent for the Theatre of Dreams

Madame Zingara is back in town - and we're helping her get…
Magni 5.30 radio controled from personnel cage
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Telehandler works by remote control

Conventional mobile cranes have to be operated by the driver…
Mobile crane used in TV advert - Liftup telehandler hire

Mobile crane used in daring auto heist!

One of our telehandlers recently found itself involved in a highway…
A magni telehandler changing the rotors on a helicopter - Liftup Teleporter

Changing helicopter rotor blades - easy work for a telehandler

Every day we get surprised by the jobs we get called out to do.…
Telehandler mobile cranes holding up huge green screens on a film set

Rotating telehandlers - a new star on SA film sets

Most film sets have lifting machines of various descriptions…
Mobile crane telehandler lifting a swimming pool over a wall

Mobile crane lifts swimming pool over phone lines!

This week we got an interesting call from a contractor in Cape…
Telescopic handler mixing and pouring cement
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Mixing and pouring concrete on building sites

Manitou telehandler mixes and pours concrete where you need it The…