Magni telehandlers are ideal vehicles for loading and lifting work.

Mobile crane installing a large water tank

Telehandler lifting water tanks in Cape Town drought

Everybody in the Western Cape wants a water tank installed so they can beat the drought. But what happens if you have a huge tank that has to be carried up a hill or lifted over a wall? That's when you need a mobile crane.
Mobile crane lifting furniture to apartment

Speedy furniture delivery – straight through the upstairs window!

This client couldn't get his furniture upstairs using the lift - so he called us in to help. See how we lifted his furniture in through the upstairs balcony.
Lifting glass panes with a mobile crane

Lifting glass panels in a narrow space

See how we used two telehandler machines to replace heavy glass panes on a building right next to a highway flyover. When there isn't much space to manoeuvre, that's when you need a telehandler.
Mobile crane lifting heavy glass

Putting our glass vacuum lifter to the test

Need to lift heavy glass panes onto a building? Our new glass vacuum lifter attaches to a mobile crane and can lift up to 800 kg. See it in action on a building site.
Mobile crane moving filtration unit

Moving a filtration plant with a mobile crane

See how we used a Manitou MT 1740 with hook attachment to move a filtration plant into a shed with a low, restricting roof.
Mobile crane fixing cracked window

Lifting heavy window panes up a hill

Some window panes are just so heavy you can't lift them by hand. That's when you need to call in a mobile crane to do the work. See how we lift these heavy panes up a steep hill.
Mobile crane lifting a car up steps for a launch

Telehandlers ideal for lifting other vehicles

We were recently involved in a product launch for a new car and had the challenge of lifting it carefully up some steps at the Cape Town Waterfront. Here we show how it's done and also share some photos of other times we've lifted vehicles using a mobile crane.
Using a Liebherr crane to lift a Manitou mobile crane into an empty canal.

Mobile Crane picks up and place telehandler

How do you get a telehandler into an empty canal with no access…
Telehandler pulling scenery on a film set

Moving house with a telehandler

Next time you have to move house - just take the whole house…
The Manitou telehandler carrying rocks from a building site.

Where are we going with this big rock?

A building site was being excavated and there were these huge…