A magni telehandler changing the rotors on a helicopter - Liftup Teleporter

Changing helicopter rotor blades – easy work for a telehandler

Every day we get surprised by the jobs we get called out to do. This week’s highlight was being called out to an airport to help change the rotor blades on a helicopter.

It turns out rotor blades have to be routinely replaced every few years, so that’s what was happening when we arrived at the scene. The technicians needed something to lift the blades off the rotor assembly and then to lift the new ones on again. Ideal work for one of our telehandlers!

We used the Magni RTH 5/30 for this. As we discovered, the work wasn’t just a simple one of lifting the rotors straight upwards – the blades are a very tight fit and need to be manipulated with extreme care. Luckily the Magni has an onboard computer that can control the movements perfectly.

The technicians were really pleased with how the Magni let them get their job done so quickly. Now the helicopter is ready for a few more years of flying!

We love challenges like this one, so if you’ve got some interesting work for our mobile cranes and telehandlers, give us a call.