Don’t block traffic with a big crane – use a versatile telehandler

Telehandler lifts load in narrow street

 Working in a confined space is no problem for our Magni

For this job in a narrow side road near a busy shopping mall we had to lift pallets with solar panels on to the roof from a truck. The contractor was very concerned about the narrow road and was convinced we would have to block off the traffic for a while. He was obviously used to working with big cranes and wasn’t aware of how versatile our mobile telehandlers are.

We used the Magni RTH 5.30 with a 5 ton winch and placed the machine on the pavement between the trees, with just one set of wheels on the road. The outriggers only needed to be extended in the direction that would carry the weight – a big advantage over conventional truck cranes.

As you can see from the image above, traffic could easily get past and there was no need to close the road – just as well, because the truck with the panels was supposed to arrive at 07:00 but only arrived at 14:00. Can you imagine Cavendish mall traffic being blocked for half a day!

Needless to say, the contractor was very happy and relieved that he found us.

Cape Town mobile crane hire

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