Mobile crane with glass vacuum lifter attachment in cape town

Easily lift heavy glass panes into position – anywhere

Glass installation companies, do you need to lift heavy glass panes high up on buildings or in difficult-to-reach places?

Then we’ve got the answer for you – the new TGT Hermes 900 vacuum grab unit. It’s a hydraulically operated telehandler attachment that uses suction pads to firmly grasp heavy glass panes so they can be moved into position. The suction grabs can handle double glazed glass panes of up to 800 kg with ease.

The unit is able to extend forward and backward, up and down, swivel from side to side and spin a glass pane 360 degrees. On top of that, the mobile crane that carries the unit has its own extension and turning  capabilities. This gives unprecedented maneuverability, with the ability to lift panes up to 30 metres.

Precision work is enabled through a remote control unit that allows the operator to get up close to where the glass pane needs to be positioned, enabling very fine placement and manipulation.

A further advantage of using the vacuum grab unit and telehandler is safety – it’s simply much safer to position heavy glass panes using a remote control machine than to try and get workers to manhandle it into position using scaffolding. The glass itself is also safer and has far less risk of being dropped and broken. Take a look at this video showing the Hermes in action.

All in all, the telehandler and Hermes combo is a certain way to save time and money on any job where heavy glass panes have to be fitted with precision or in challenging access conditions.

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