Manitou mobile crane fills sand bags on a building site

Telehandler fills sandbags super quick

On construction sites one sometimes needs sandbags to provide support for structures while they are being built or worked on. In this job we needed to make a large number of sandbags to support a canal bank and pipeline. It would have taken a whole day if workers had to fill the bags by hand with one person filling and the other holding the bag open.

So we wondered if our cement mixer attachment for mobile cranes might provide a solution. And yes, as you will see in this video – it worked perfectly. The mixer kept the sand pouring through the exit pipe, right into the waiting sand bags.

The telehandler used here was a Manitou MT 1033 with cement mixer attachment. To see how this attachment is used in a more conventional way, read Mixing and pouring concrete on building sites.

Got some sandbags to fill or cement to pour? Give us a call today and we’ll get the job done quick and easy.

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