Telehandler and mobile crane hire

For construction, film sets &
infrastructure maintenance

Need to do some heavy lifting?

Or reach somewhere high?

Our range of mobile cranes and telehandlers will get you right where you need to be.

  • Lift up to 5 tons, reach more than 29 metres
  • Custom attachments for any purpose
  • Qualified operators
  • Leading-brand Manitou and Magni telehandlers
  • Sales, rentals and service across the Western Cape

 Get anywhere, do anything

With huge ground clearance and rough-terrain traction, our telehandler cranes can get anywhere you need them to.

And with a range of standard and custom attachments, a single mobile crane can be used for anything from holding film sets in place to mixing concrete, felling trees and getting technicians up cellphone towers or electricity pylons.

Glass handling equipment

Also see our glass suction equipment for handling and positioning glass panes. Lift heavy glass onto tall buildings with ease and safety.

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The versatile crane with 101 uses


Film sets

Hold lights, sunshades and green-screens in place

Site access

Get maintenance crews onto buildings, bridges and hard-to-reach places.

Pylons & wind farms

Safely lift technicians and equipment to their point of work.


Place formwork in position and accurately pour concrete.

Goods loading

Lift palettes and offload trucks or ships.

Mobile crane lifting heavy glass

Glass lifting equipment

Glass suction attachment for lifting heavy glass panes onto buildings.

Forget the scaffolding – hire a mobile crane!

Putting up scaffolding can be expensive, time consuming and cumbersome. Why not hire a mobile crane to do the work? It can be brought on site quickly and be used exactly where you need it.

Need a unique attachment – get our engineers to design and build it

We specialise in building custom attachments for any purpose. If one of our teleporters can lift it, we can build it!

Use our qualified operators to get the best from your machine

When you call Liftup for your mobile crane hire, you get a trained operator for the duration of the job. You just tell them what needs to be done and they’ll get going. We also take care of servicing and fuel, so there’s no extra cost or hassle for you.

For extra heavy lifting – hire our Liebherr crane

The Liebherr has a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tons and a reach of 35 m reach.

Despite its huge capacity the crane is very mobile and can easily get onto building sites or wherever it’s needed.

Liftup Teleporter – your mobile crane hire specialists

Liftup Teleporter specialises in mobile crane hire and telehandler rental in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

We are passionate about our machines and look forward to creating a solution that works for you. Call Liftup now.

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Liebherr crane for hire Cape Town