Mobile crane lifting heavy glass

Ingenious vacuum attachment lifts heavy glass with ease

Just about every big building that goes up these days seems to make extensive use of glass – either for giant windows or for curtain walls and cladding. And all of that glass has to be lifted into position without breaking. We had some good methods for doing jobs like this, but we wondered if there were even better ways of doing it. And we found it – the TGT Hermes 900 vacauum grab unit. We imported one and immediately put it to work.

The unit attaches to any of our mobile cranes and turns it into a versatile glass handler capable of lifting panes of up to 800 kg with a possible reach of 30 m. The unit has special hydraulics that enable very fine movement, and it can be controlled remotely right from the installation area, giving incredibly accuracy of positioning.

(2019 Update – we now have another vacuum grab lifter as well, the excellent all-rounder Viavac GBX2.)

Take a look at the images below from some recent work. Or get more information and see our video of the glass vacuum lifter in action here.

Need to lift some heavy glass panes in Cape Town or the Western Cape?

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