Manitou 3D Pendular Basket System

When it comes to inspecting or maintaining the underside of a high bridge, traditional methods have significant limitations. Typically, a crane is parked below the bridge, halting traffic as workers are lifted upwards. This method is not only disruptive but also time-consuming and potentially hazardous. With this innovative solution: a telehandler attachment designed to reach beneath a bridge from above. This 3D pendular system offers a unique approach to accessing challenging locations, setting it apart from other crane systems.
Mobile crane moving filtration unit

Moving a filtration plant with a mobile crane

See how we used a Manitou MT 1740 with hook attachment to move a filtration plant into a shed with a low, restricting roof.

Now offering Magni telehandler sales in the Western Cape

We've just opened a new Sales Department focusing on sales of New or Used Magni telehandlers.
Hired mobile crane transported on flat bed truck

Catching a lift to work

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Telehandler pulling scenery on a film set

Moving house with a telehandler

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Telehandler mobile crane carrying excavation material from a building site in Cape Town

Telehandler saves money on this building site

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Mobile crane lifting bricks up a slope

Lifting bricks up a steep slope – we get this job done too quickly!

  This house was being renovated and they had to…
Telehandler setting up tent for madame zingara in Cape Town

Pitching a tent for the Theatre of Dreams

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Telescopic handler mixing and pouring cement

Mixing and pouring concrete on building sites

Manitou telehandler mixes and pours concrete where you need it The…