Unique telehandler attachment reaches under bridges

How do you get workers underneath a high bridge for inspection or maintenance?

Until now you’d have to park a crane below the bridge and stop traffic while the workmen were lifted upwards.

Now Manitou has come up with a better solution – a telehandler attachment that can reach right under a bridge from above. The 3D pendular basket enables workmen to be positioned below the level of the telehandler itself, a unique capability not offered by other mobile crane manufacturers.

The attachment fits on the end of a telehandler boom. Its first section is a vertical arm that can telescope downward where it meets a 360° rotating joint. The joint connects to a horizontal boom that connects to a personnel basket. The rotating joint means the basket can swing right under a bridge or other hard-to-reach place.

This raises the question … How does the telehandler operator work the basket when it’s under a bridge and he can’t see it?

The answer is simple – the controls are operated from the personnel basket itself. It really is unique!

Liftup Teleporter is the only company in South Africa that has the 3D pendular basket for hire. We are looking forward to seeing how it can solve your challenges.

Manitou 3D pendular basket reaches under a bridge - hire it from Liftup today

The Manitou 3D pendular basket can reach right under a bridge!

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