Manitou mobile crane fills sand bags on a building site

Mobile crane fills sandbags super quick

On construction sites one sometimes needs sandbags to provide…
Using a Liebherr crane to lift a Manitou mobile crane into an empty canal.

Mobile crane picks up mobile crane

How do you get a mobile crane into an empty canal with no access…
Telehandler mobile cranes holding up huge green screens on a film set

Figures confirm Cape Town's film boom - and we're part of it!

The Cape Film Commission is receiving enquiries from overseas…
Telehandler pulling scenery on a film set

Moving house with a mobile crane

Next time you have to move house - just take the whole house…
The Manitou telehandler carrying rocks from a building site.

Where are we going with this big rock?

A building site was being excavated and there were these huge…
Advantages of telehandler mobile cranes

8 advantages of telehandler mobile cranes

How a telehandler beats other lifting machines! If you've been…
Telehandler mobile crane carrying excavation material from a building site in Cape Town

Mobile crane saves money on this building site

What to do with tons of soil and rock excavated from the basement…
Mobile crane camera platform with Supertechno camera crane at film shoot in Cape Town

Mobile crane camera platform makes an impact on film sets

See how our custom camera platform saves time and money on film sets. Now there's no need to build scaffolding for new camera positions - all you do is use our mobile crane camera platform and drive to the new position. This article shows how it works.
Magni mobile crane carries supertechno 30 camera crane at film shoot

At a movie shoot on Cape Town's unfinished bridge - see our camera platform in action

We really enjoy working on film sets because they give us such…
Mobile crane lifting bricks up a slope

Lifting bricks up a steep slope - we get this job done too quickly!

  This house was being renovated and they had to…