Manitou 3D Pendular Basket System

When it comes to inspecting or maintaining the underside of a high bridge, traditional methods have significant limitations. Typically, a crane is parked below the bridge, halting traffic as workers are lifted upwards. This method is not only disruptive but also time-consuming and potentially hazardous. With this innovative solution: a telehandler attachment designed to reach beneath a bridge from above. This 3D pendular system offers a unique approach to accessing challenging locations, setting it apart from other crane systems.
Mobile crane lifting a car up steps for a launch

Telehandlers ideal for lifting other vehicles

We were recently involved in a product launch for a new car and had the challenge of lifting it carefully up some steps at the Cape Town Waterfront. Here we show how it's done and also share some photos of other times we've lifted vehicles using a mobile crane.
Mobile cranes holding lighting at a film set

Cape Town film industry still flying in 2016

Last year we reported on the boom in the Cape Town film industry, and we are happy to see that the trend is continuing. A number of international movies and series are being filmed in locations around the city.
Hired mobile crane transported on flat bed truck

Catching a lift to work

Our telehandlers are extremely mobile and are at home on tarred…
The Manitou telehandler carrying rocks from a building site.

Where are we going with this big rock?

A building site was being excavated and there were these huge…

8 advantages of Magni telehandlers

How a telehandler beats other lifting machines! If you've been…
Mobile crane camera platform with Supertechno camera crane at film shoot in Cape Town

Magni telehandler with camera platform makes an impact on film sets

See how our custom camera platform saves time and money on film sets. Now there's no need to build scaffolding for new camera positions - all you do is use our mobile crane camera platform and drive to the new position. This article shows how it works.
Magni mobile crane carries supertechno 30 camera crane at film shoot

At a movie shoot on Cape Town’s unfinished bridge – see our camera platform in action

We really enjoy working on film sets because they give us such…
Telehandler setting up tent for madame zingara in Cape Town

Pitching a tent for the Theatre of Dreams

Madame Zingara is back in town - and we're helping her get…
Telehandler mobile crane works without blocking traffic

Don’t block traffic with a big crane – use a versatile Magni telehandler

 Working in a confined space is no problem for our Magni For…