Mobile crane for lighting movie sets

Mobile cranes for lifting stage and movie lights

Mobile cranes are the perfect vehicle for carrying heavy set lighting and cabling at movie shoots and performance events. See our cranes holding lights at various film shoots.
Mobile crane on movie production set

Mobile cranes for movie and theatre set construction

Mobile cranes are highly mobile and able to lift objects using very fine controls. This makes them strong enough to carry heavy sets and scenery while also ensuring that fragile structures are not broken in the process.
telehandler used for stunt dives on a film shoot

Mobile crane provides perfect stunt dive platform

See how our mobile crane camera platform can be used as a base for stunt jumps on film sets.
Mobile crane lifting a car up steps for a launch

Telehandlers ideal for lifting other vehicles

We were recently involved in a product launch for a new car and had the challenge of lifting it carefully up some steps at the Cape Town Waterfront. Here we show how it's done and also share some photos of other times we've lifted vehicles using a mobile crane.
Liebherr crane for hire in Cape Town and Western Cape

Liebherr cranes for hire in Cape Town

Need to do some really heavy lifting? Hire our 40-ton Liebherr crane in Cape Town and surrounds. This article shows the Liebherr in action at Cape Town Harbour.
Manitou mobile crane for sale Cape Town

Now offering Manitou telehandler sales and service in the Western Cape

We've just opened a new Sales Department focusing on sales and services of Manitou telehandlers and boom lifts (cherrypickers). Manitou has not had a representative in the Western Cape for a while, so we have stepped into the role.
Mobile cranes holding lighting at a film set

Cape Town film industry still flying in 2016

Last year we reported on the boom in the Cape Town film industry, and we are happy to see that the trend is continuing. A number of international movies and series are being filmed in locations around the city.
Mobile crane camera platform supporting supertechno camera crane.

Get the perfect movie crane shot with our telehandler/crane combo

Crane shots are movie shots taken by a camera attached to a crane…
Hired mobile crane transported on flat bed truck

Catching a lift to work

Our telehandlers are extremely mobile and are at home on tarred…
40-ton Liebherr mobile crane for hire in Cape Town

40-ton Liebherr crane joins the fleet

We've just supersized our fleet by adding a Liebherr mobile crane.…